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  • Building a better you!

    Use your Fitbit activity conversion to stay healthy! Achieve the goals you are looking for with the activity conversion used with other popular point goals.

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  • Convert your Fitbit activity to point goals!

    We are the first to convert your daily activities to a point target. Utilize the latest technology to stay healthy!

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  • Achieve your goals!

    Save time and keep focused on your fitness and weight loss goals. Our activity to point conversion is the fastest way to determine your daily achievements. It's easy to use and saves you time!

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Healthy = Happy!

Our Fitwatchr app is a key component to your success!

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Whether you are into robots or fruit we have you covered.

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Our latest release!

We are proud of our first launch of Fitwatchr 1.0

  • Building A Better You!

    Fitwatchr will help you achieve your goals.

  • New features!

    Fitwatchr shows daily device activity minutes (not shown on Fitbit site!)

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